What is the difference between Food Sovereignty & Food Security?

Food Sovereignty = Self Determination to each choose our food & assertion of that right.

Food Security is defined as giving access to food and addressing historic injustices surrounding access to food; administered from a top down centralized agency or a number of centralized agencies.

What is the difference between Local Foods & Farm to Table Foods?

Local Foods are foods which are purchased at the Farmer's Market or the producer and/or processor's site, such as farm stands or direct to patron farm sales, including the delivery of any farm products to the end consumer, for home consumption.

Farm to Table Foods are ingredients and/or foods which are purchased by a processor, such as a restaurant proprietor, from a local producer and/or processor, including themselves, to be used in the creation of menu items.  The establishments which choose to participate would be required to display the Baker County Farm to Table Logo (tbd) prominently on their door and on the menu, indicating any items which are not subject to licensure and inspection protocols.  Additionally, establishment staff MUST VERBALLY ENSURE that all individuals who are considering partaking in Farm to Table Foods is fully informed of our local Ordinance.

What does clean mean?

Products produced without chemical inputs, such as petroleum-based pharmaceuticals & vaccinations as well as pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers; or genetic alteration (GMOs), not to include selective breeding practices.

Permaculture and Symbiotic Ecology highly encouraged!

The animals eat the nutritiously grown plants ....and their dung becomes the mineral and nutrient rich fertilizer that gives the plants their nutrition. All aspects of the cycle are life giving ... to us, and them.

We contend ... destroying the relationship of the eternal symbiosis is not wise.

How would the Proposed Ordinance affect Restaurant Inspections?


Restaurant inspections would continue in the same way they always have.  The health inspectors need not worry about the Farm to Table Foods, at all.  They can completely ignore these products and carry on as usual.

How would the Proposed Ordinance affect USDA Certifications?

USDA certified products would not be affected in any way.  The Proposed Ordinance does not change any existing systems or certifications.  It simply asserts the people's right to foods of their choosing and presents another option, for consumers within the county, at the time of purchase.  No one will be "forced" or tricked into eating any of these additional products.  None of these products may be sold or transferred outside of Baker County, Oregon, unless agreed to by The People of another county, in an Ordinance of their own.

How does the Proposed Ordinance affect the USDA Certified Local Grass Fed Beef?

There would be zero change to any of these products.  This would be a parallel clean local food system for the People of Baker County and our Fully Informed guests; who choose to partake in these offerings.

What does the Proposed Ordinance mean to the Cities of Baker County?

The Cities of Baker County and the County of Baker are on equal footing under Oregon Revised Statues.  The county can adopt this Proposed Ordinance.  Then each city can decide if they would like to adopt the county's ordinance as it is written, alter it, create a different one or they can decline to participate and do nothing at all.  The county passing this Proposed Ordinance in no way obligates any Baker County City to participate.

However, a properly passed Oregon County Ordinance supersedes anything to the contrary, both in existence or something down the line, in the future.

What does the word Processor mean?

Processor may include growers, farmers, butchers, dairies, restaurants, eateries, bakers, cheese makers, retail outlets, bed & breakfasts plus hostels and hotels within Baker County; in relation to a consumer who is fully informed, accepting of all liability and responsibility and in the county at the time of the transaction.  None of these Proposed Local Foods or Farm to Table Foods may be sold or transferred outside of Baker County, Oregon.

What Liability does the Processor have?

The Processor has zero liability.  We believe fully informed adults are capable of making their own decisions.  The consumer accepts all responsibility and possible outcomes for their choice to eat any offered product.  Except in the case of Negligence; there are other statutes to address negligent behavior, which a consumer may pursue.

However, we would like it noted, we do not know of ANY Processor, in all the county, who handles their products in a negligent manner.

What about our Tourist guests?

We believe that the hunger to return to the traditional methods of feeding ourselves is not only something we have; but is shared by many others.

The Proposed Ordinance does not change anything for any guest of Baker County who desires to enjoy meals or any food item with food similar to what they can get at home.  BUT for THOSE who crave the experience of non-industrial, local, clean, highly nutritious farm products ... we already know people who will flock to come visit.

This in no way detracts from anything Baker County has to offer.  Indeed, it showcases the abundant blessings bestowed upon us all and seeks to share them; to the benefit of all who choose to participate.

What is our Motivation?

We have been witness to the degradation and sterilization of our local food systems.  We desire to return to the old ways of growing and producing foods; without any interference.  We assert this as an Unalienable Right and seek to codify it into a Baker County Ordinance.

We desire everyone in the county, who so chooses, both visitor and resident alike, to enjoy robust, nutritious Local Foods & Farm to Table Foods.  We have love for our neighbors, our farmers & ranchers, as well as the happy animals who reside in our county with us.  We honor the way things are done around here; the way they have been done for a long time.  We assert our right to choose what we eat, without oversight of any kind.

Further, we first were motivated to assert this right because many of us get ill when we ingest the foods farmed and produced in the new way.  We do not accept illness.  We assert our right to choose the foods which our personal bodies tell us is appropriate, for each of us.  Without any entity in the middle, dictating the terms.  We assert our right to transact with any producer or processor of our choosing, accepting full personal responsibility for our choices.

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